Episode #69 – Noir at the Bar: Caleb J Ross


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6 comments on “Episode #69 – Noir at the Bar: Caleb J Ross

  1. Listened to the first reading today which turned out way more enjoyable then I had anticipated. Finishing up reading my first foray into Caleb J Ross, CHARACTERED PIECES, this evening. I’ll assuredly be popping this ep in the cassette deck and pressing play tomorrow. Wait, what?

    • We’re finishing up the limited edition vinyl pressing as we speak. Looking into doing a Kickstarter to fund the 8-track edition.

  2. keep ‘em coming! that lip harvest was creepy as hell but completely understandable.

    • Yes, I really loved this story. I heard that the Shindig in Chi-town has some rowdy moments…

  3. Creepy indeed. For anyone interested, The Lipidopterist is now available at Amazon for free. http://www.amazon.com/The-Lipidopterist-ebook/dp/B007IQ3A8S/

    The entire night was absolutely incredible. So glad to finally meet Robb and Livius. Like old friends meeting for the first time.