Episode #91 – Railsea


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5 comments on “Episode #91 – Railsea

  1. I’ve been eager to dig my ears into this ep. I’ve eyed up Mieville since I noticed Kracken. Booked will once again serve as the measuring stick.

  2. I love the early Mieville works. His later stuff has slowly gotten a bit more ponderous, collapsing under the weight of his grandiose concepts. Still love his work, but it’s nice to hear my thoughts echoed Re: RailSea. Haven’t finished it yet, and it’s been exceptionally slow-going.

  3. Well, I finally pushed through to the end today. Pretty disappointing overall. I really like the concept of the book, but like you said, there’s little there to care about in the way of characters. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t wrap my mind around the concept of the railsea itself. It made no sense. The ending would have been a lot cooler if the first 400 pages were more grounded. I still like Mieville, his early stuff is pretty awesome (but probably equally uneven).

  4. It’s nice to have that validation. The sad thing is that the story had good potential.

  5. Barb Dittmar Ward Jul 24, 2012

    I really enjoy your podcasts. This is the second one that I’ve listened to. You two really dissect a book in a very unique, humorous and interesting way which leaves the listener in tune from beginning to end. I would definitely be swayed by your recommendations which is high praise from me since I usually have strong opinions, likes and taste in what I read. Well done!