Episode #93 – Invisible Monsters Remix


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10 comments on “Episode #93 – Invisible Monsters Remix

  1. Wow. I JUST finished Fight Club today thus making me the last hold out on that book. And thank Dog I decided to wait to listen to Booked till this afternoon. What are the odds!?

  2. I just heard the awesome loop at the end. I could dance to that.

  3. Couldn’t resist. Originally it was going to be the nice thing you said about us, but I think the Aneruysm thing sounded better looped. Damn, should have done the Nirvana song Aneurysm. Would have been perfect. Damn.

  4. Palahniuk as gateway drug: yes. Part of my preference for his early novels may just be nostalgia. I was rediscovering fiction at the time and there was nothing else like it in my peripheral vision. Once I discovered other visceral authors via six-degrees-of-separation, I started feeling less precious about him. An author has his entire life to write his first (couple of) books, and not everything that comes after is going to be of the same depth and quality, given the shortened windows, as Caleb said (who’s quite a fletching fellow and skillful question-dodger). Chuck’s Nth-degree exaggerations have driven me crazy throughout his career, but IM’s up there with his best.

    Yeah, someone should make a chronological infographic for the plot. Have you seen the Pulp Fiction one? http://www.miramax.com/subscript/pulp-fiction-chronological-order-graphic

  5. LOVED the fireside chat between you and Caleb, plus the affectionate barbs aplenty!

  6. Awesome, I really enjoyed this guys. I just got my REMIX in the mail, signed and pimped out by CP, and it’s just a great book. I also struggled a bit with it the first time I read it, put it down, in fact, Robb. But now, I’d say it’s probably my third favorite after Survivor and Choke.