Booked. brings you an Interlude episode! What’s that mean? It means that we didn’t read a book to review this week. Instead, we pulled together a handful of topics to chat about for a bit.

What kinds of stuff do we discuss? We became sock puppets, Livius invents a new business:, Robb is a legit columnist at This Is Horror, there’s a butt plug controversy going on which Rose O’Keefe of Eraserhead Press comes on to help us get to the bottom of (SWIDT?) Butt that’s not all! We also talk a bit more about DonnyBooked, so get yourselves all excited about that as well!

Caleb socks it to us!

Next episode should be our review of Gravesend, with guest host Adam Aautin. We’re pretty excited about this, and it means that we’re going out this year with some serious guest hostage! Which, reading that now, looks a lot like I’m referring to a captive, not someone that hosts things.

Played: GG Allin – Bite It You Scum, Hanging Out With Jim

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