Round One of the DonnyBooked. has begun! click the logo below to vote, or take the survey on our Facebook Page and share it with your friends!

The categories are:
-Book Review
-Guest Appearance
-Live Reading
-Booked. Anthology Story

Voting for round one will go through December 21st, at which time the Round One winners will be announced on this page, and the second round of voting will begin!

A huge thanks to Frank Bill for not pursuing any legal action, and for inspiring us to do something so silly by writing an incredibly violent and excellent book. Which you should all buy. Though, it’s in no way a sponsor of this competition.

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3 comments on “DonnyBooked.

  1. Ummm so I did my picks and clicked done and …. nothing. So I clicked it again…and again…and again A LOT. So either nothing happened or I just submitted my votes roughly “a shit load” of times.

  2. Gah! I love all of these; can’t choose. But, alas, I did.

  3. Yep, tough call on these. Looking forward to round two.