185 – Gravesend

Booked. reviews Gravesend by William Boyle! Gravesend is one of the initial five offerings from Broken River Books, and Boyle’s first novel. What makes the episode really special is that A Adam Autin (Triple A) joined us for the review. Adam was one of the two people to submit auditions when I was looking to replace Livius, and subsequently won himself a spot on the podcast.

Beyond the review, we came up with some new nicknames for Livius, plugged DonnyBooked, update you on LIVAZON.COM, and talk a bit about the bonus Rose O’Keefe minisode that will be coming in a few days.

Hit the link below to listen in-browser, or download the episode and use it to exact revenge!

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Download this episode: right-click, save-as.

Next episode: We’re reviewing the Tom Picirilli benefit book Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road from Deadite Press!
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“Trying to kill the whole wide world with your small-time Chicago dreams, Robb Olson!”

Scarface – Guess Who’s Back

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8 comments on “185 – Gravesend

  1. AAAutin Dec 11, 2013

    If ever there were proof that This Is Horror needs a “Best Podcast Editing” category, this is it. I don’t know how Robb Olson was able to stitch together something coherent from the hot mess I left in that Skype call, but he sure as hell did. What a mensch, what a wizard.

    (By the way, since when did I become Dick Vitale? “Bay-bee” all over the damn place.)

  2. DB Cox Dec 11, 2013

    A 3-A rating for the ‘Cipher Sisters’ book design… now that’s perfect!

  3. Strong words, Mr Ferg.

  4. Should have just had me take his place.

  5. Bearded. Podcast – BOOM!

  6. I’m declaring war on all bitches moving in on my bitches.

    • AAAutin Dec 12, 2013

      I humbly apologize for encroaching on your turf, sir. It’s true: Sean P. Ferguson will forever be better.

  7. Livius Nedin Dec 12, 2013

    Well, that was anti-climactic…