186 – Sixty Five Stirrup Iron Road

Booked. reviews Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road by a whopping nine different authors. Published by Deadite Press, an imprint of Eraserhead Press, this titanic title is a collaboration by some of the heavy hitters of contemporary crime fiction, benefitting author Tom Picirilli’s recovery from an illness earlier this year.

After the review, we debut a potential new segment of the podcast called the Booked. Mailbag. Adam Autin returns for some more Booked. fun, and we wonder where Skip Papersly has been. Finally, we talk about DonnyBooked. a bit and share with you some behind the scenes conversation with Rose O’Keefe!

Hit the link below to listen in-browser, or download the episode and use it to escape your horny doom!

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Next episode, we’re not sure. We’re working with a couple potential guest hosts to see who can come on when. But we know you’ll be getting some DonnyBooked. results!! So that’s something to look forward to, for sure, bitches!
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4 comments on “186 – Sixty Five Stirrup Iron Road

  1. Almost finished listening. I’m definitely going to buy this book. And on the most disgusting front, I’m curious: have either of you read HOGG?

  2. I’m pretty sure I speak for both of us when I say no – Liv

  3. Try not to skip any Delany, IMHO.