11 thoughts on “86 – Quintessence of Dust by Craig Wallwork”

  1. i thought Quintessence of Dust had a very (accidentally? not sure) thematically connected vibe – alienation, the ache for connection and re-connection, holding onto things that absolutely cannot be saved. all of these came through pretty strong – this struggle to either decrease distance or stop distance from increasing. visually, a tentatively extended hand.

    (The Whore That Broke the Camel’s Back was my favorite)

    – amanda

    p.s. mlaz is right, it’s TOTALLY pronounced ‘creg’ 😉

    p.p.s. james spader should be mentioned EVERY episode!!

  2. “Let’s make fun of the name Mlaz,” says the chap called Livius. Good thinking, Liv. It’s still not Creg, by the way.

    Anyway, to end positively, I like the “played” section.

  3. Thanks a lot, as if I didn’t already have enough shit to read I have to add this to the pile too. At least I got to 80s dance like a white boy to Susudio much to the terror of my coworkers who do not exist within the world that thrives in my earbuds.

  4. I would have commissioned the whole production of this and every other episode of Booked this year just to hear Liv and Robb act out The Whore that Broke the Camel’s Back. And no, in the UK it’s not pronounced Cregg. It’s more like, Kray-g. 🙂
    Thanks, guys. I get worried readers will think all my stories are just bawdy, puerile tales and totally miss the pathos and emotion playing out beneath. You didn’t and that really meant a lot. My only criticism is you could have chosen better music to bookend the podcast.

  5. I wasn’t sure anyone would really understand the musical selections, so I’m glad to see people commenting on them.

  6. Ah–I’m late to the party and feel dreadful for not listening sooner. Yeah, Craig is the real deal–only thing is he needs to become more arrogant. Bastard is full of humility etc. Start a petition to get him to be the kind of guy who gets all up in everyone’s face, because when someone can throw down, they are entitled to do so. Craig can throw do. And cheers for the name drop of Sarah and my’s little podcast–though you kind of make us sound terrifying, haha, we’re both just loveable teddy bears, I promise.

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