314 – Interview w/Soul Standard authors Richard Thomas & Axel Taiari


Booked interviews The Soul Standard authors Richard Thomas and Axel Taiari! You heard our review of the book, now hear what the authors have to say about it.

Next episode: The Lazy Summer of Podcasting continues with a well-earned Interlude.

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2 thoughts on “314 – Interview w/Soul Standard authors Richard Thomas & Axel Taiari”

  1. A woman I know has this condition, prosopagnosia, Heather Sellers. She visited my MFA program, and wrote a book about it, YOU DON’T LOOK LIKE ANYBODY I KNOW. I could listen to Axel talk all day. Great stuff. I thought that Axel and I flipped or maybe it was Nik and Axel. LOL Ha, I can’t remember. I know it wasn’t ALWAYS Axel ending it, for sure, though. Agree on what you said, Axel, about Caleb and the bizarro/new weird movement. Good point. Love your thoughts on SF, too, Axel. I agree 100%. Biggest SF? Asimov, LeGuin, Heinlein?

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