337 – Interlude



We’re back with our latest offering, an Interlude. Join us to hear conversations about a spectrum of topics including the books we’ll never get to read, Nelson Mandela (kind of), Barbara Streisand (kind of), iZombie (kind of), awards, and peanut butter. And probably more. It’s shocking that we brought you as much content as we did. Go us! P.S. – don’t forget to vote for us in the This is Horror awards  by Jan 22nd!

Until then, check out our review of Rob Zombie’s movie 31:

One thought on “337 – Interlude”

  1. Can’t believe Livius has read Clev’s book. Damn. And though I kicked the shit out of Sherlock ep1 I have to agree with Robb that ep2 was really good. And more in keeping with the earlier seasons, which might be due to Moffat’s (Mof- Fet) hand.

    Spoiler alert….

    Shame you don’t know about the scandal surrounding Jimmy Saville here in the UK. He was a children’s TV presenter who was reveal (after his death) as a serial sex offender of both children and adults, but used his charity work as subterfuge to gain the hearts of the nation. He also did a lot of his abuse in hospitals. That particular character cackled with Saville undertones. He was also from the north of England, much like our cereal killer. 😉

    Mongrels came in the post today. Also been through Devil’s Rock so I’m ticking both recommendations.

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