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2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I am an Indie Author whose self-published novel ANONYMOUS was given a starred review by Publishers Weekly. Here is what PW said:

    “This novel from Tanamor is a winning jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the grotesque. Set in a prison, the book follows three inmates—Unknown (in for fraud), Ambiguous (in for murder), and Stud (in for reasons unknown)—as they communicate through the building’s plumbing system, sharing stories and attempting to outdo each other with tales both shocking and bizarre. While the novel is slow going at first, readers who stick around will find the author soon hits his stride. Tanamor writes like a deformed love child of Chuck Palahniuk and Charles Bukowski who has finally discovered its own voice—and the result is a rousing novel that will confuse just as often as it entertains. This is a well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction from a promising writer with lots of potential.”

    Here is the synopsis:

    Unknown is in prison for fraud. Ambiguous is in prison for murder. And Stud is in prison for, well, no one really knows for sure. To pass the time, the prisoners tell stories to each other. They do this to avoid going insane. The facts and fictions often get misconstrued with each inmate attempting to one up each other so that his story is the most dynamic of them all. Whether the story is about stalking, pedophiles or throat chlamydia, each tale plays some role in the healing process.

    When each prisoner bails the water from his toilet bowl the result is a communication system through the drainpipes. Nobody really knows who is telling the story, if the story is true and what the story actually means. The one certain is Unknown, the unofficial leader of this band of degenerates, who convinces each inmate to accept his action because the crime resulted in much needed legislation such as Amber Alert. But, as time progresses, even Unknown begins to question his stories.

    The ending will shock and surprise you; it will make you feel sorry for these prisoners.

    I am interested in being a guest. You can learn more about the novel here:

    Thank you for considering,

  2. Hi,
    Can u please tell me is there a search function on your site? It would be very time saving.
    Many thanks
    ps loved the Ocean at the end of the lane episode

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