Booked. brings you an Interlude episode! What’s that? We didn’t read and aren’t reviewing a book for you this time around. Instead, we have a list of topics that we’re going to inundate you with instead.

What kinds of topics? Well first we review the latest This Is Horror chapbook: The Visible Filth by Nathan Ballingrud. Then it’s essentially chaos. We talk about wedding engagements, Hannibal, naked Katherine Isabelle, Justified, Banshee (again), Penny Dreadful, Naked Eva Green, the Dracula Untold movie, and tons more. the wheels were totally blown off this time, folks.

Next episode we’re reviewing Bathing the Lion by Jonathan Carroll. What is that? Robb has no idea, but Livius reassured him that it’s neither bad, nor long. Until then, check out us talking in these other fine podcasts:
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Booked. reviews Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. The last time we messed with some Rice, it was in the way back machine, when we had Sean P Ferguson on to talk about that pile of steaming poop that some people call The Wolf Gift. Well to quote George Bush: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me, you can’t get fooled again.” Well, the Wheel of Meat wasn’t having it, and it made us read more! But much like throwing a cat into a bathtub full of water, Robb wasn’t having it.

After the review, we looked at some Amazon reviews, pondered the This Is Horror awards, and were saved at the last minute from having to drop a heavy-handed ultimatum against another podcast. Also we talked about the latest bit of Booked. lore: Robb’s Stud Book beer coaster.

Next episode is an interlude, and our review of the latest This Is Horror chapbook: The Visible Filth, by Nathan Ballingrud. Follow the link! Robb is quoted there!

Booked. reviews The Big Ugly by Jake Hinkson. You may remember Jake from our recent Noir at the Bar Chicago episodes (PART ONE and PART TWO), or from when we reviewed Hell on Church Street. Either way, he’s a solid writer and a really good guy. But we don’t let those kinds of things cloud our impeccably unbiased review of books. That said, I think he’s gonna come out okay on this one.

After the review, we make our first “Wheel of Meat” book choice, which destroys a part of Robb’s soul forever.
Also, we talk about the This Is Horror Awards nominations, and beg you for your vote.

Next episode is our review of Prince Lestat by Anne Rice. It’s gonna be a cold night in hell, because I didn’t think we’d ever go back to that particular well.

Booked. reviews Exponential by Adam Cesare! The somewhat unwilling co-author of one of our recent reviews, Jackpot (with Shane McKenzie), Cesare shared this recent gem with us, containing a freaky mouse and the carnage that is causes when it escapes the lab.

After the review, we talk about our friends and their fun projects. Nikki Guerlain is on Patreon now, The This Is Horror award nominees will be announced soon, We’ll be on the next Books, Beer and Bullshit episode, and lots more!

Next episode is our review of Jake Hinkson’s new release The Bug Ugly. Until then, you can find us over at CrimeWAV, hosting an episode where Hilary Davidson reads from her book Blood Always Tells. Also, listen to our appearance on This Is Horror Podcast, where we talk for like two hours about Hannibal… and Gossip Girl.

Booked. brings you the 2014 Year In Review episode! We did one for 2011 and 2012 that were a lot of fun. Then in 2013 we tried something different, we tried DonnyBooked. It was a great idea and a lot of fun. Especially if you’re David James Keaton, who swept every category he was in. So in the interest of giving everyone some attention, we chose to retire DonnyBooked. until we have a DJK free year, which we hope never happens.

So we’re back to a year in review. What does that mean? Statistics! Charts! Graphs! Us talking about talking about books! We share some of our favorite (and least favorite) books of 2014, remember some fun moments, and talk about what’s to come. It’s a real feel good episode, and a tribute to everyone who helped us keep the train on the tracks for another trip around the sun.

Next episode is our review of Adam Cesare’s Exponential. Until then, you can find us over at CrimeWAV, hosting an episode where Sin Soracco reads her story Must Gentrify Now. Also, listen to our appearance on This Is Horror Podcast, where we talk for like two hours about Hannibal… and Gossip Girl.