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Established in April of 2011, Booked. is a weekly podcast where two avid readers review and discuss books, conduct author interviews, and make recommendations for good books they’ve read. Our goal is to deliver book reviews by everyday readers, for everyday readers.



LIVIUS NEDIN – Founder, Host, Producer
Livius is arguably the cynical member of the Booked team.
He has tried his hand at writing and decided he’s a far better critic than scribe. In between various TV shows he manages to enjoy a wide variety of fiction but loves noir, the strange and the original. Booked is his first podcast.


ROBB OLSON – Founder, Host, Editor
Robb is an avid reader, a sometimes writer, and an all the time co-host of Booked. He is also a guest host of the popular crime podcast CrimeWAV. When not reading or editing audio, Robb’s either buying or drinking expensive bourbon and craft beer.



RYAN MCRAE – Marketing Intern


Ryan McRae is the Marketing Intern for Booked. He is a voracious reader, and a lover of travel and good drink. He has a fancy English degree, studied to be a pastor and has been to Afghanistan for a spell. He loves the Harry Potter series and anything Livius and Robb recommend. You can reach him at ryanmcrae(at)mac.com.  He just can’t tell you what he does for a living. Just like Robb. JUST LIKE ROBB.

SKIP PAPERSLY – Booked. News

Skip Papersly was a proud newsreel man in the late 1930’s and 40’s. While on assignment in Berlin, Skip accidentally fell into a vat of deep freezing agent in a Nazi compound. It would not be until the year 1997 when he would be discovered, along with Hitler’s head and favorite Cockapoo, Fritzy. After a long defrosting process and cultural education, Skip was given a place to live, a computer, and Fritzy. In his spare time, Skip enjoys Hot Dogs, America, swing dancing, and Voting for FDR in every election. Fritzy died in May 2012.

17 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Podcast reviews are a great concept. Hope you don’t mind me linking to your podcasts from my online bookstore… great way to share additional info on my books. Thanks!

  2. We had to update this here page to include Mlaz Corbier, as he is long overdue for a spot on our roster. Also, wanted to prove that Livius Nedin can be handsome with the right amount of vegetation in the background.

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  4. I would like to send you my newly released novel, “The Origins of Disgust, Self-Hatred, and Hostility.” It’s published by a small indie publisher called Shook Up Publishing out of San Diego, CA. Please let me know if you’re interested and where I can send the book. Thanks!

  5. I listened to the whole Frank Sinatra in a Blender podcast and loved it! You guys do a great job of analysis, plus you’re interesting, fun and have good voices. I’m so excited that HARD BITE is the next book at Booked. (But maybe I should wait and see, huh? There’s always room that it might flop right on its belly.) Skip, I’m sorry Fritzy died. Are you going to do a memorial segment next May? Maybe a life retrospective of the life and times?

    Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing, guys. Word is going to get around more and more.

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