380 – The Raptor and The Wren by Chuck Wendig


It’s book FIVE in the Miriam Black series, and we’re excited to see what Miriam has been up to since Thunderbird!

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Next episode will be a book review for sure. We have them piling up at the moment.

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344 – Thunderbird by Chuck Wendig


It finally happened. New Miriam Black. If you’ve been listening for a while, you’ll know that we have reviewed the three previous books in this series. You will also know that we have unanimously given all of those books 5 stars. Which means, it’s very likely that we will give this book some high marks as well. Check it out, and stick around afterward for a peek at something brand new and exciting that will make Robb work even harder than he already does. We’re excited, and we think you will be too! Next episode is an Interlude so Robb can get a couple hours of sleep, but we’re pretty sure there will be plenty of awesome books coming soon. KEY PAGE COUNT UPDATE: 2,590!

Until then, check out our review of Rob Zombie’s movie 31: