355 – The Maiden Poodle by SG Browne


No seriously. We’re back to talk about the latest release from SG Browne, author of such books as Lucky Bastard, Less Than Hero, Big Egos, I Saw Zombies Eating Santa Claus, and many more. This time, it’s a novella about a land of cats and dogs, an evil king cat, and the poodle that holds the key to freeing the kingdom. After the review, we have SG Browne on to talk about his book, his feelings on pets, independent publishing, and more. Check it out!

Key Page Count Update: 3,571!

Next episode is an interlude, kicking off our Lazy Summer of Podcasting. Yeah.

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320 – SG Browne Interview and Review


We’re back with more SG Browne than you can shake a stick at. First half of the episode, Liv & Robb review Browne’s trio of new Kindle Singles: Remedial English for Reanimated Corpses, Dr Sinister’s Home For Retired Villains, and Scattered Showers With a Change of Daikaiju. After this, we have Scott on to talk about these stories, and writing in general. Listen, then head over to Amazon and get you some SG Browne stories!

Next episode: We talk to Welcome to Night Vale co-writer Jeffrey Cranor about all things Night Vale, including the release of the two new Night Vale books!

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