367 – Spookedtacular 2017!

It’s our annual Spookedtacular! This year, there was a special twist. We recorded it as a live video stream on our YouTube channel! So, if you’re listening and are thinking that you’d prefer to see the action, go to our YouTube Channel to get the full experience!
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Next episode is an Interlude, then we’re on to a Patreon backer review, followed by some great content from Seth Harwood and Frank Bill in November. There is some great content on the horizon.
Until then, check out our live video of Mark Z Danielewski reading live from The Familiar vol 1:

327 – Spookedtacular 2016

We’re back with the 2016 Spookedtacular! According to unreliable sources, it’s our seventh year doing the Spookedtacular episodes, one of our favorite of the year. Joining us as always for Spookedtacular are our beloved guest hosts Amanda Gowin and Jesse Lawrence. We talk about tons of spooky things including clowns, our biggest fears, dead girls, and probably the most terrifying thing of all, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Check it out!
Next episode is something. We promise.
Until then, check out our review of Rob Zombie’s movie 31: